Hi Y'all!

Im Elin, born and raised in Fort Worth, TX but happily residing just west of the city with my handsome man and our beloved labrador, Couper.

>>>>    A little background for you--My love of photography first began back in 2007 when I became obsessed with puppy Couper (better known as scoupaloop) and my newborn nephew. As time passed, Couper only got cuter and I was graced with two sweet nieces and another precious nephew with whom I constantly took photos of. I mean they are seriously the CUTEST….  and as any die hard auntie would, I did the only natural thing to do and began flooding my Facebook feed with all the photos I was capturing. And eventually I started having friends ask me to take pictures of their children, which then led to taking portraits of the entire family. It wasn’t long before I was also taking senior portraits and engagement photos, and I even started photographing small weddings. Looking back, I could have never foreseen that my early picture taking days would lead me to where I am now. Heck, if you had asked me if I was ever going to be a professional photographer I would have probably laughed. But with the encouragement and support of family and dear friends, here I am today. So THANK YOU! Yes, you! You are showing love by being here now and I can’t tell you how grateful I am for it.

photos by the ever so talented : Lauren Brandon Photography